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Who we work with? 

Who we work with? 

Who are our clients?
Our client portfolio is as diverse as our industry. We work closely with production companies, advertising agencies, directors, photographers, event companies, TV shows, films and professionals from the audiovisual sector from Spain and around the world.


What are our Locations?

Our location archive is huge and varied to accommodate for the great diversity of requests from our clients . We work with all sorts of locations and are always on the lookout for more. Our portfolio contains:


Streets, squares, heritage sights, iconic places, official buildings, libraries, public buildings, parking lots, rooftops, underground spots.


Private and public gardens and parks, beaches, ecological reserves and natural parks, fields, open spaces, farmhouses and country-side scenery.


Apartments, lofts, houses, villas, mansions, palaces, castles, artist communities, rooftops, garages.


Studios, industrial spaces, old factories, warehouses, offices and entire office buildings, bars, restaurants, clubs, event spaces and much more.

Basically, if it exists – we have it in our archive!


Which work references do we have?

Our references are noteworthy. We have worked for basically every major brand in automobile, tech, luxury and FMCG – providing locations for tv commercials and also events. Our highlight in 2022 has been working for Adult Swim / Warner Brothers to run the Spanish leg of a global event promoting the launch of Rick and Morty’s sixth season. We have worked for both film and TV, including reality shows as important as Germany’s Next Top Model. In our showreel you can see a sample of some of the projects we did in 2022.

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