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Spot Locations' 2022 showreel

Spot Locations' 2022 showreel

2022 was hot!

Last year ranks among the five hottest years in history. We had hot temperatures and a hot business year! The sector is as strong as ever with brands investing heavily in advertising and PR.

There was definitely post-COVID excitement in Europe and we are optimistic to continue the trend this year. We are happy to see that our clients won many overseas projects and that the market is solid. At Spot Locations we’ve been growing with our clients: a bigger team and a larger, more diverse archive.

We thank all of you, our wonderful clients and partners for trusting in us and being part of our success. You are the reason we strive for more - to offer an even better, faster and easier production experience.

Have a look at the results in our 2022 showreel!

Let´s take on 2023! 

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