Modern Locations

In this blog post we'd like to present you a small selection of modern properties from our archive. These places are characterized by clear design language, geometric forms and surprising perspectives.  

How to make great photos of locations?

The first impression counts! Investing in good photos is a big part of winning projects. Taking great images of locations is not easy but they are the most important asset for our agency to promote your property.

Our Services

At Spot Locations we deliver excellent locations for all types of productions - we can also offer location scouting, drone images, permitting and location management in German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We are specialists in the sector and guarantee the highest quality of work, 365 days a year.

Villa Rouge - our new exclusive with a 3D Tour

We have brought the presentation of special locations to a new level. Our most spectacular properties are captured in immersive 3D models giving you an incredibly realistic experience through high-quality virtual tours.

Spectacular Kitchens

Kitchens are the center of people's houses and cornerstone of many commercials.  However, they are sometimes difficult to shoot in - with space being limited and certain design styles being hard to find.

Styles of locations using the iconic house from “The Simpsons”

Sometimes it’s hard for clients to explain the style of location they want. Home Advisor made this fun guide to describe some of the most popular architectural styles using the iconic house from The Simpsons.

Spectacular Locations in Catalonia Appearing in Hit TV Shows

Catalonia has an extremely varied geography and its landscape is peppered with charming towns and spectacular locales. In the last few years this has made the region extremely attractive for filming some of the most important shows of the decade. In this blog we cover some of the locations that have caught the eye of these top level productions.

7 Mesmerizing Locations in Barcelona Featured in Iconic Movies

Barcelona is a city that is characterized by its various monuments, unusual architecture and rich history. The city’s unique charm has attracted internationally renowned filmmakers from all over the world as a prime location for their productions. 

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