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Why list your property with Spot Locations?

Why list your property with Spot Locations?

All it takes is one email! Our service is completely free of charge. All you need to do is send us photos of your property, an approximate location and a short description of the place to

Our team will contact you to explain the next steps. We can start promoting your property with your photos – we can also explain how to make the best photos of your location. If we think it’s necessary, we will send one of our photographers to get our own shots of the space.

Headache and hassle free

  • It’s important at an early stage of our communication to mention if you have special rules, conditions or if parts of the property are off limits. Such specifics can be decisive in the moment we are searching our archive for suitable locations to send to production companies.
  • Once the location is in our archive, you don’t need to do anything else. You will be in our pool of references that we send to clients.
  • We will contact you with possible projects to discuss availability, client needs and the fee the production has for your property.

You decide, you select.

  • You have the last word on price, dates and your availability for visits.
  • You can decide if you want to take the job or not.
  • Most of the times the budget is set by the project and you can decide if that suits you or not. There is always room for negotiation and we try our hardest to get the best deal for each party involved.

Additional earnings

  • Renting your space property through our agency can give you an additional income which is on average higher than what you can get when offering your house via online platforms.
  • Larger production companies have higher budgets and prefer working with agencies that take care of the location search for them instead of having to trawl through large online databases. It’s likely your property could get lost in these massive websites – whereas with our bespoke selection for clients, you know you will always be taken into account. 


Your trusted partner

  • We are happy to advise you on prices and conditions even for projects where we are not managing your location. If you ever need input about our sector, we’re here to help.
  • We take pride in our work and strive to make your experience with our sector as smooth as possible. Our interest is having long term relationships with our locations - we want to keep coming back to work in your property!


Clear communication in a high-urgency industry

  • Our sector is very much last-minute and decisions are taken with great urgency. At Spot Locations, we are well prepared to deal with this. We work quickly, flexibly and have a large team that can absorb a lot of work.
  • We always answer the phone and your e-mails. We hate it when people respond slowly or not at all!
  • We communicate clearly, directly and in a timely fashion and put high importance in having things in writing - be it via Whatsapp or e-mail.

Reliability and Insurance

  • Our clients are professional companies that work in locations every day. We verify that their insurance policies are up to date and write our contracts to protect both parties. If you book through online databases you run the risk of having headaches as many times you’ll work with a private person who might not be insured.
  • Spot Locations is responsible for being on your project until the very end – this means your property has been returned to it’s original state and you are completely satisfied.

Spot Locations is your trusted partner to rent your space. Send us an email to today!


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