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Basic requirements your house or flat should meet to be suitable for productions

Basic requirements your house or flat should meet to be suitable for productions

For production companies it’s a major investment to build sets and sometimes they might not turn out very authentic (in terms of light, props, etc.). Therefore, its often preferred to shoot in real locations, places that exist and are used in real life – in apartments, villas, houses, gardens, even castles.


Advertising agencies, producers, directors, photographers, production companies and event agencies are contacting us daily for locations for their projects and the requests are as diverse as our archive of locations. Your location does not have to be a luxury villa or a castle, we actually mostly film in normal houses and apartments! However, some basic requirements should be met.

1. Minimum size: it is essential that the property has the square meters necessary to fit all the production crew and material - minimum around 100 sqm. If the property is smaller than this, it would be important to have a nearby space that can be rented to fit the production’s logistics so only filming takes place in your property.


2. The main areas of the house need to be film-able – this means that there’s enough space to position a camera (and its crew) far away enough from the object that has to be filmed. For example, if a sofa is placed in a long thin room, it’s difficult to position a camera to film the sofa from the front.


3. If you live in a private community or a building, you should have the OK from your neighbours to do productions. There will be movement and people going in and out – production is busy work!


4.  Ideally the property is easily accessible for large vehicles. We understand that if we have to film a cabin in the middle of the mountains, we might have to configure our transport logistics differently – but a location with ease of access is always very much appreciated.

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